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Hack Aeria points Online. Get free Aeria points for all Aeria games and accounts, start playing Aura Kingdom and other Aeria games with free Aeria points.

Free Aeria Points

Welcome to get Aeria points the place for all Aeria games players to hack Aeria points that they can spend in the points mall of their Aeria game.

Our Aeria points generator can create Aeria points for everyone that have a Aeria games account with one or more active game characters.

Aeria points generator 2017 is powered by Online cloud hostng. This means that you dont have to download any software to create your Aeria points.

Please note that using the Aeria points generator it can smetime take up to 30 minutes to process your points.

We are using this drip feed method to add your hack Aeria points to your accont without it being closed by Aeria games.

If after 30 mintus the points are not added to your account then Aeria has added a restriction layer on your account. This happens if the account has been used multiple times with bots or other hack methods.

Our system is not able to hack these restriction without exposing the backdoor that our system is using. That is why our system will not try to clear the restriction on your account this to protect our system and other users that uses the Aeria points generator.

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